#S5175 Botany Enviro Envelope 115gsm 110mm Square
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#S5175 Botany Enviro Envelope 115gsm 110mm Square

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** Discontinued product

** Only available while stocks last

Botany Enviro Envelope (100% ReCycled Natural Brown Product)

110mm Square 115gsm

Size: 110mm x 110mm

Height: 110mm x Width: 110mm (Approx H: 4.3" x W: 4.3")

Colour: Grey Brown

It is classified as an uncoated stock

Please Note: Colour shade variations can and do vary between sizes, lots and items

Weight: 115gsm (Normal Opacity)

GSM = Grams per Square Metre and is a measure of paper density (grammage)

The GSM is not a measure of thickness but can be an indicator.

Opacity is the best indicator for thickness

• High Opacity - means it is bulky and feels thicker than the normal weight expectation.

• Low Opacity - means it is more compressed and feels thinner than the normal weight expectation.

• Normal Opacity - means it is considered consistent with the general thickness for the normal weight expectation

• The inside colour of the envelope can differ from the outside colour

• They are a Wallet Shape envelope - Lick N Stick

• They DO NOT have Postcode squares - front of envelope is blank

• 100% ReCycled Post Consumer Waste

• Australian Made

• Unbleached

Product Code: #S5175

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