Shipping & Returns


If you are not happy with your purchase, have purchased the wrong item or your goods have been damaged in transit, please contact us as soon as possible.

Under certain situations we will pay for return shipping where required, all other situations handled on a case by case basis.

Please wait for return authorization before returning anything.


* It is NOT an EXPRESS SERVICE, but we endeavour to ship as quickly as possible.

* If you require SAME DAY - EXPRESS POST Shipping you need to email or ring to confirm that stock is available and that item can be lodged with Australia Post before closing times.

* We take no responsibility for the EXPRESS Post Service that Australia Post offers, it is entirely at your own risk if it is Delayed or delayed via loss, although of course we would endeavour to resolve the problem as quickly as possible where the article has gone missing

FREE Shipping/Post Listings

The FREE Shipping Category has been changed.

FREE Shipping items can now be found in their individual product category along side all the available "Plus Shipping" listings.

As a background to FREE Shipping listings, many of our customers are familiar with this site's and eBay's FREE POST listings, we would prefer them to be called "Shipping included" however this is eBay's call.

We include the FREE Shipping listings on this site so as to have comparative and more competitive prices to our ebay listings.

As a general guide both on this site and our eBay listings, FREE POST listings are great value in small quantities, however, if you only order a few small items then those items are sent using the Large letter rate which is cheaper than parcel post but has a limitation of 20mm thickness, we may also divide your order over 2 large letters. If you order sufficient items that would mean sending in 3 parcels or more, then we would send all items in 1 parcel.

Also as a general rule, if you are spending more than say $40, it is probably better to use "Plus Shipping (Calculated Shipping)" listings although this can depend on your location relative to Victoria where goods are shipped from.

If you are in doubt about how postage and FREE Shipping will work with what you are purchasing, then please contact us.